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Meet Our Staff

Managing Director 
Senior Support Worker

Abdul is not only the Managing Director of Grace Remote Support Services, he is a compassionate and dedicated support worker with a genuine passion for making a positive difference in the lives of individuals in need. With several years of experience in the field, he has developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those requiring support and is committed to providing them with the highest level of care and assistance.

Abdul possesses a diverse skill set that enables him to adapt to the unique needs of each individual she supports. He is adept at building trust and rapport, establishing strong relationships with his clients and their families, and creating a comfortable and safe environment for them. Abdul understands the importance of active listening and communication, ensuring that his clients’ voices are heard and respected.

As a support worker, Abdul is well-versed in assisting individuals with daily activities, such as personal care, meal preparation, and medication management. He recognizes the significance of promoting independence and encourages his clients to participate in decision-making processes, fostering a sense of empowerment and autonomy.

Abdul’s empathetic nature and patience allow him to provide emotional support to those who may be experiencing difficult times. He has a deep understanding of mental health issues and is skilled at offering reassurance, encouragement, and a listening ear. His non-judgmental and compassionate approach creates a safe space for individuals to express their emotions and concerns.


Support Worker

Lornah has a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with people with disabilities and in aged care. She is dedicated and passionate about her work and the people she works with. With a number of years experience, Lornah has a proven track record of delivering person-centred care tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual.


Lornah prioritises building meaningful relationships and fostering a sense of trust and security among the clients. With a solid understanding of common medical conditions affecting the aged, people with disabilities and mental health issues, Lornah can effectively monitor health indicators, administer medications and assist with medial appointments, ensuring the overall health and well-being of GRSS clients is met. 


Training completed by Lornah includes diabetes management, positive behaviour support training, dysphagia training and manual handling. 


Disability Support Worker

As a dedicated support worker, Charity’s primary objective is to provide compassionate care and assistance to individuals in need. With a deep sense of empathy and patience, she approaches each client interaction with understanding and respect, recognizing the uniqueness of their circumstances and preferences. Charity is committed to fostering trusting relationships built on open communication and genuine concern for the well-being of those she works with. Whether it's assisting with daily tasks, offering emotional support, or advocating for clients' rights and preferences, Charity strives to uphold the clients dignity and autonomy while promoting a sense of comfort and security.
With a flexible mindset and a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances, Charity navigates challenges with resilience and resourcefulness, ensuring continuity of care and positive outcomes for those under her supervision. Committed to ongoing professional development, Charity stays informed about best practices and emerging trends in the field, continuously refining her skills and knowledge to provide the highest quality of support services possible

Business Manager
Support Worker

Yolanda has 20 years experience in the education sector where she has held leadership roles, specialising in training, inclusion practices and teaching from primary to high school. She holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and has worked for an RTO.

Yolanda is a dedicated  teacher and support worker, having worked in remote Indigenous communities for 10 years throughout her career. She is committed to promoting educational opportunities and empowering Indigenous communities. Working in Indigenous communities, Yolanda developed a deep connection with the culture and immersed herself to enable herself to be educated by the locals.

As a child, Yolanda witnessed the challenges faced by so many due to limited access to quality education and resources. Determined to make a difference, she pursued a degree in Social Science and Education, specializing in community development and primary education, to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to then work remotely.

In addition to her role as a teacher, Yolanda also serves as a leader of  inclusion support, addressing the diverse needs of the Indigenous community she served. She understands the complex social, emotional, and cultural challenges faced by Indigenous students and their families. Yolanda actively collaborates with other professionals, community leaders, and organizations to develop and implement programs that promote holistic well-being, cultural preservation, and academic success.


Disability Support Worker

Barnabas has joined Grace Remote Support Services with over seven (7) years experience in working a s Disability Support Worker. Barnabas demonstrates a caring compassionate approach with a strong commitment to providing quality care so that the clients can live with maximum dignity, comfort and independence. He is a highly motivated individual possessing the initiative to work in diverse fields to help aged, disadvantaged and people with disabilities in the community; coupled with the ability to adapt to new ideas on how to make their live better. Barnabas is very innovative, open minded, self-disciplined and willing to learn new things.


Barnabas has proven experience in individual support, having worked in various healthcare settings. He approaches his work with empathy and kindness, creating a supportive environment for those he works with. Barnabas has excellent communication skills, enabling him to interact effectively with clients, their families and healthcare professionals, fostering a collaborative approach to care.  

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